Small Dog Beds for Little Breeds Guide

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When a pet appears in the house, you should worry about creating comfortable conditions for it. This is expressed not only in determining the place for feeding. For it, you should prepare your corner for sleeping. The best solution is to buy or create a dog bed with your own hands. There are many options for making a house for which various improvised materials are used. Also, the PetStore is ready to help you find the best small dog beds.

Types of dog beds

Dog beds are classified according to breed. There are sleeping places for animals of large, medium and small size.

For small and medium-sized breeds of dogs, semi-closed or closed sunbeds should be chosen. Such cribs should be equipped with high sides, which creates additional comfort for the pet and a sense of security. This option is also suitable for bedclothes and phlegmatic people, who will conveniently watch what is happening indoors, lying on a soft side of medium height.

For energetic and active pets it is better to choose pillows for dogs or models with low sides. The bold and aggressive dogs will use the anti-vandal version of the sunbed, which can endure contact with the claws and teeth of the pet. A lounger for a large dog can be a simple mattress.

Dimensions of a berth and a filler for a bed

Before you make a dog bed with your own hands, you need to determine the dimensions of the berth and its design, which is selected based on the size of the pet and its favorite position during sleep. The lounger should be created taking into account the puppy growing up and changing his habits with age.

For a small dog, a cozy foam rubber house with high sides will be to its liking.

Equally important is the stuffing. Hollow fiber and synthetic textile are unsuitable for such purposes. The material can retain the fat of the pet. You should also not use feather and fluff, which are the habitat of microbes and parasites. A good option would be a foam rubber brand 35-45.

How to care for a dog’s sleeping place with your own hands

The sleeping place for the dog should be kept clean, which will not only ensure order and a healthy environment in the apartment but also protect the pet from possible pests and allergic reactions.

Once or twice a month, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatment of the dog-made bedding with special antiparasitic sprays. It is necessary to regularly clean the litter of the animal’s hair, as its excessive accumulation can cause an unpleasant odor in the room. Also, flying wool clubs negatively affect the health of other residents of the apartment or house.

Daily hygienic cleaning should be carried out using animal-friendly stain removers and odor neutralizers, which will help maintain the hygienic cleanliness of the bed.

A protective cover should be provided for the sunbed, which can be easily removed for further washing. It is recommended to produce it at least 2-3 times a month, which is determined by the quality of the material and the intensity of pollution. When replacing the cover, the mattress is knocked out without fail.

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