Digitizing Meeting Materials and Workflows with Board Portal Software

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How are you going to digitize meeting materials and workflows and then make changes to them? This article has everything you need to know.

How to Digitize Meeting Materials and Workflows?

Business fully supports the best efforts of government agencies to accelerate the transformation of the state, as digital leadership can be a significant competitive advantage in the fight for investors and talented people, including in the context of the growing IT sector in many countries. However, will we be able to realize such ambitious plans, and not just dream of simple and convenient electronic government services? The board portal software will be the best way to do that.

The solution of digitizing meeting materials and workflows with board portal software is not possible without the acceleration of scientific and technological progress, the widespread introduction of innovative information technologies in all spheres of human activity. Accounting is a particularly important area of application of the latter, as it is the most information-intensive area of work in enterprises, organizations, and institutions.

The board portal in a timely manner provides management needs with necessary and reliable information. In addition, the accounting of enterprises of any form of ownership is the main information base for a comprehensive analysis of economic activity, control, and justification of relevant management decisions on financial and economic activities.

The board portal software should include several sections, which describe the purpose of its adoption and existence in the company, the rights and responsibilities of members of the board of directors, their responsibilities, and regulate the acquaintance of new directors with the company’s activities and rules.

Board Portal Software as an Integral Part of Information System

There is no single well-established and generally accepted definition of “information system” today, and it is unlikely to exist. The fact is that depending on the need in different cases, different points of view are used on such a complex high-tech product as modern information systems. In the broadest sense, an information system is a collection of technical, software and organizational software, as well as personnel, designed to provide people with timely and relevant information.

The board portal lies in the information field of interaction between employees of the organization. If the very word “problem” does not frighten anyone, the term “problem” and its understanding appear on the agenda. Understanding the definition means allowing employees to speak the same language from the very beginning and achieve mutual understanding in the future.

A problem with digitizing meeting materials and workflows is usually defined as an undesirable phenomenon that:

  • fails to achieve business objectives;
  • violates the rules (principles) established in the organization.

Of course, depending on the specific scope of board portal software differ in their functions, architecture, principles of implementation. However, there are several components that are common to all information systems. Firstly, any information system is designed to collect, store and process information, so it is based on a bank for storage and access to data, which is implemented through a number of software. Secondly, information systems are user-oriented, such as a lawyer.

At the level of board portals, the growth of productivity of living labor, characterize, although important, only one aspect of the enterprise – the efficiency of labor. That is why labor productivity is a partial indicator of efficiency, along with those that characterize the efficiency of other resources, such as capital efficiency, material efficiency, etc.

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