Pros and cons of Webflow: a detailed review on main features

Web constructor is a useful modern tool that helps to create your own website, even for those who previously had no such experience. There are professional and amateur website builders, but Webflow is in the golden mean. For this reason, it is great for users with any level of knowledge in this area and helps to create products efficiently and easily. In this article, we will take a closer look at the characteristics of Webflow and highlight its pros and cons.

Main features of Webflow

Below we’ll highlight the main features of Webflow and find out what makes it different from the competitors

  • Ease of use

This point is very important especially for beginners because a simple interface will help them adapt faster to this environment. After registration, you will see an intuitive dashboard with settings, if you already have experience in building websites you can get down to business, but for beginners, we would advise you to read the guide for beginners.

  • Webflow Editor

When your express training course has been successfully completed and you have chosen a template you would like to work with, you will go to the Webflow editor, which in many ways resembles the Photoshop interface.

There you will find a wide range of design choices, which can even confuse you in its variety. This is where you’ll have to spend some time to get the hang of it.

  • Template Design

The program offers both paid and free templates, and you can organize them by their categories thus simplifying your search for the option that would exactly satisfy you. You even have a preview option. See from the side how a template supports dynamic content and makes the right decision.

Templates are very flexible to use, they automatically adapt to the size of any screen, and have a brief description. This description indicates which websites are best suited for which template, and which design will look best on it.

Basic characteristic of Webflow

The basic features of the application include:

  • Parallax scrolling, animations, and interactions – Webflow takes design very seriously, you can add many interesting things to your sites, such as motion and complex animations
  • Backup and security – helps you recover your data in case of damage, but also provides advanced site security methods
  • Advanced SEO control – offers extensive customization options for your site, including unique features like generated sitemaps and customizable 301 redirects

Pricing Applications

Webflow pricing may surprise users somewhat, the price for its services is quite high. All this is because Webflow is considered a more complex but at the same time optimized application that users could easily manage, such efforts should not be left underestimated. The disadvantage is that users with little ability to use may not need half of the features that the program offers, in this case, you are better off using more primitive ways to create websites.

So, the basic plan will cost you $12 a month and includes all the features you need to build a simple website.

The app also offers business plans, e-commerce plans, and Webflow for Enterprise. for creating multi-tiered and complex sites. Pricing for plans can go up to $212 a month, depending on your choice.

The main advantages of Webflow:

  • Large customization possibilities without involving code
  • Large selection of templates
  • Relative simplicity of the interface


  • High pricing
  • Lack of support by phone or live chat
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