CyberGhost VPN: Is It the Cheapest One?

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CyberGhost was founded by a Romanian company, which in 2011 launched its own VPN Ghost service. The company has high standards for ensuring the confidentiality of personal data. Moreover, the location of the company allows its users to avoid legal restrictions and government espionage. Although this is not the fastest VPN on the market, it attracts a low subscription cost.

Privacy on the Highest Level

The company is based in Romania and Germany, where it is widely known. Today, VPN Ghost services can be paid even in stores in these countries. All this because they stand for civil rights, a free society, and unlimited Internet. The headquarters location was also not chosen by chance. Romania is one of the few EU countries that has ignored the national data storage law, based on the European Data Storage Directive, adopted in 2006. Therefore, your data is totally safe, even on the state level.

What relates to the basic technical protection, CyberGhost Secure VPN supports SSL-based OpenVPN protocol with 256-bit data encryption. Among the other protocols, L2TP/IPSEC and PPTP are used, which in sum gives a level of security that is compared to the army encryption methods. The absence of any log journals completes the security item of the regarded product and makes it a reliable service.


As usual, the list of CyberGhost Secure VPN tariffs contains three offers: a monthly, annual, and two years plan. Sometimes one can receive a limited suggestion to buy a three-year plan for less than $3 per month, which is a great offer. Their framework and the service can be regarded as one of the cheapest VPNs on the market. All the packages can provide up to 7 simultaneous connections so one can use the package on various devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.).

The service does not have a free subscription or a trial version. However, thanks to the “return money for the first 45 days” program, you can always try to use the services of the service without the risk of losing money. Despite the multilingual site of the service, some of the users noted the difficulty of unsubscribing. That is why, before subscribing, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the terms of service.

Simple Interface

The user interface of the CyberGhost is easy for clients and becomes even better with new versions. One can connect to the desired server in one click right on the main page. Already familiar color schemes, in combination with the UI design, create a very nice picture for users. The ability to open a list of all available servers is not hidden and allows choosing a needed server for a certain activity, whether it be torrenting or streaming.

The choice of countries is quite wide and, at the same time, the filtration system is very effective. You can also save your favorite server for faster access in subsequent times. Moreover, you can see a detailed description of each of the servers to choose the most suitable for your actions.

Extra Features

  1. Use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship. In case you need an anonymous Internet, any of the servers will do. The closer the server and the less load it is, the better the speed will be. And Cyber ​​Ghost will take care of encrypting your traffic. You do not need to launch your browser in anonymous mode! Just use it as you usually do.
  2. Emergency disconnect VPN connection (Killswitch). CyberGhost, by default, uses the Killswitch feature on Windows and Mac. This function will protect your privacy in case of a disconnected VPN connection. The program will block all your traffic until the VPN connection resumes, and your real IP will not be disclosed. The Killswitch feature is vital for anyone using torrent trackers.
  3. P2P and torrents only on a special list of servers. Cyber Ghost’s P2P service policy also provides access to torrent services. Consequently, activities such as torrenting and file sharing are allowed. However, this is only available on specialized servers designed explicitly for anonymous torrenting. You can easily connect to them, and they will ensure your safety when torrenting. At the same time, the choice of servers is quite wide, not to worry about speed.


CyberGhost Secure VPN is one of the most interesting services in their niche due to the highest levels of protection and democratic pricing policy. The user interface is also pretty good, which is facilitates the fast reaction of support in emergency cases. There are also some extra features like KillSwitch and the ability to use torrents without any additional actions on all possible devices. However, the company suggests

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