Is Avast Software Defense My Computer?

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Avast is one of the most popular and famous anti-virus solutions, which receives high marks in independent laboratories, is improved from year to year, and is considered one of the best internet security software. But is it perfect and can it fully protect your computer?

Why is Avast so Often Recommended?

Many argue that the user is required to download Avast Free Antivirus if you take the task of protecting your computer consciously and seriously.

Of course, all users at least have heard about this program. Indeed, all over the world – even though initially not everyone predicted his popularity, today more than 160 million users prefer to protect their computer with this software!

Advantages of Avast Antivirus

What is the reason for such attractive statistics that prompts people to download Avast antivirus for free? Mostly, this is the fastest possible scan with minimal impact on the computer, neither Avira nor other programs can boast of this. However, this is not the only advantage, let’s talk about others.

This also includes qualities such as:

  • protection against spyware and viruses;
  • incoming and outgoing email scanner;
  • message scanning (internet chat);
  • system of protection against attacks from infected sites;
  • the function of checking the operating system (any suspicious process);
  • deep compatibility with different versions of Windows operating systems.
  • the simplicity of work in the sandbox mode;
  • intuitive user interface and easy configuration;

Anti-virus quarantine stores a suspicious file separately from the operating system; quarantined files do not start.

Anti-virus can track suspicious behavior of objects and malware, detect and block a virus from the network, turn on the protection system in time, and intercept attacks that encroach on the security of your computer.

Avast: Components

The current version is as easy to configure as possible, even if you are an inexperienced user. Each anti-virus component has a network display screen, which simplifies tracking.

The product consists of the following components:

  • web screen;
  • file system screen;
  • Mail screen
  • behavior screen;
  • P2P screen;
  • chat screen.

Protecting your computer is so easy if you have the reliable Avast antivirus installed. Any spam or other suspicious activity will receive an instant response from the program.

Disadvantages of Avast

Now we will consider the main disadvantages of this software solution. So, users highlighted such disadvantages as:

  • Limited functionality of the free version;
  • The ban on the use of a free license in commercial organizations, the free Avast can be installed only to protect your home computer;
  • Not the best protection against phishing web pages;
  • Poor work with archives and executive files;
  • The maximum degree of security puts a heavy strain on the system
  • Sometimes there are false deletions of uninfected files, due to not ideal threat analysis;
  • Detects spyware much worse;
  • It is almost completely incompatible with the antivirus software of other companies; it is not recommended to install it together with other antiviruses;
  • Not convenient adding a file to the antivirus exclusion list;
  • Protection in the browser requires the installation of an additional plugin.

In general, nothing is perfect, and even the most advanced and best antivirus has holes anyway. Avast is a good and optimal option for protecting your computer, but it will not be able to protect your computer 100%, as well as any other antivirus.

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