How to write software review for example antivirus review

Review Structure

The first thing that is important for the successful review of the software product (for example, antivirus) is the structure. In other words, you have to have an outline. While running the test simply follow the plan. You may use this example:

Is It a Good Antivirus Software?

What pros and cons does it have?

What is it Best For?

Reliability and Security (Talk about detection techniques it uses, lack of extensive labs testing)

Malware Protection

Ransomware Detection

Phishing Detection


Ease Of Use


Scanning Options

Available Packages and Pricing

Customer Support

Avast Internet Security Review

Avast Internet security usually tags itself the smartest online protection and solution for windows. This offers both a limited and functionality free version while the premium package adds on a few features.

Avast internet security is recommended for its Wi-Fi protection and multi-device safety. It is quite compatible with lots of devices, Mac, Andriod, and Windows. It is known for its strong protection against attacks. Avast has a special quarantine that is used for applications and pages that are quite questionable. It has a convenient VPN feature still available for this Internet Security.

Some difficulties come along with using the Avast Internet Security, and this includes a situation where you will have to pay extra to get technical support. This is not supposed to be; also to get the full Avast internet security, you must use the Google Chrome browser to access some features.

Also, the Avast Internet security has its user interface to be overwhelming most times.

On the bright side, setting up the Avast antivirus will not need any special skill. It will run majorly on all windows, and it is a straightforward process. Just ensure that you have administrator access and have downloaded the antivirus software either in your hard disk or any external device. An IT professional can help0 you install it on your system.

Avast earned a total of 17.5 out of an 18 mark score in a test carried out by AV-Test Institute. It got an advanced rating; this is the best score possible to have as anti-virus software. Avast protects your computer from all known and unknown malware. Once the malware is noticed, it is uploaded to their database online for future use. This malware is unique and can help the antivirus recognize it easily when it is seen elsewhere.

Once you have installed the antivirus, an AV runs routinely on the system for scans of any digital signature of any malware. This is the best way to search for malicious files and programs. Also, when avast senses such suspicious behavior, it flags the program and then moves it to a sandbox was it analyses the program to know if it is a faulty program.

Avast has included in its features a performance tab that helps it improve system performance. Although it generally reduces system performance, this tab helps you to routinely check the system performance and close unnecessary apps and clear logs that would contribute to a further slowing of the device. This also comes with a clean-up tool that will help to scan your computer to files you are not using anymore.

When it comes to pricing, Avast gives you an excellent deal that can make you get the best product package. The company has four plans which provide you a good number of features and a certain level of protection.

There is also the premier plan that gives you a good combination of security and privacy for a very good value. Several users comment that when it comes to internet security, Avast is the standard to be used.

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