AVG VPN review

AVG VPN review

The AVG VPN is the most popular VPN service that is available in the market. However, it has the advantage of coming from a quite popular company. Hence, it did not experience the initial drag; it should being a new VPN service.

Several clients that were satisfied by its anti-virus services also bought into the fact that it would also present excellent VPN services. The interface of the AVG VPN is the literal definition of no thrills software. You can easily download and set it up as quickly as possible; that is how excellent the interface is.

And with just the onscreen instructions, you can get it installed and running almost immediately. As for most of its clients are concerned, the design of the AVG software is simple and quite pleasant; there are no such features, just the option for you to choose your server whenever you want to connect your home network. There is also the option for you to set your network to the optimal location; this allows the software to choose the best server that would be appropriate for you at the time.

As for reliability, AVG VPN would not be very good. This is because it has limited servers, numbering about 52 and in 33 countries. Although the servers are small, yet AVG boasts of having enough to meet the needs of its clients.

For performance, the AVG VPN would reduce system performance a bit; it also slows down connection but then with average speed and this speed usually vary from server to server. The speed of internet connection is usually in Kbps, but some clients report a much more reduction in speed. But then with the largest decrease, you will be able to stream and download much content without a glitch.

With AVG VPN, the overall performance is satisfactory; hence, you should not worry about any disconnections; there is an additional bonus of being able to enjoy unlimited bandwidth.

There is a range of platforms that the AVG VPN can work fine with. It quite supports a variety of systems, and this is far impressive and could cover for major of its lapses. AVG can work excellently with Windows XP, Mac OS X, Windows Vista, and Android. But it does not support routers.

AVG provides a fantastic service in that you can use up to 5 devices at the same time. While this can be great news, but then it is sad to note that you cannot use the same account for different devices. This goes on to say that you cannot use AVG account that is brought for an android on a PC.

AVG VPN will allow P2P sharing; however, this option is not supported by every of the server. To enjoy the torrenting features and another form of P2P, you will have to connect to servers in Prague, Amsterdam, New York City, and London.

With a good number of servers that has average speed, you should not have any challenge streaming or downloading any content. AVG uses a high level of encryption that will keep your logs safe and secured. AVG operates a zero-logs policy.

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