Antivirus Comparison Chart: Best Providers

Regardless of the device you use to go online, you should make sure you have a perfect antivirus solution. The Internet is full of great offers and antivirus solutions. Every company tries to offer the most and stand out from the rest. In case you want to buy a reliable antivirus for your PC, you should definitely study this antivirus comparison chart.  We’ll go over the most popular providers and what they offer.

The overall best antivirus solution

Kaspersky Total Security offers top-notch services and excellent protection to each user. The solution is a convenient combination of an intuitive interface, a low impact on performance (except full scans), excellent antivirus engines, and a rich selection of extra tools. For additional online safety, users get a safe browser as well as webcam protection. What’s more, there are many other benefits to using this provider. They include:

  • Great malware protection;
  • A backup tool;
  • The reliable authentication process for your account;
  • A password vault;
  • A Virtual Private Network;
  • Parental control features.

However, this won’t be an option for now if you live in the States due to some restrictions on Russian companies. To get an unlimited VPN, you’ll also have to pay extra, since the one that comes in the package is limited. However, far from all users use it. This is a trustworthy solution with an affordable price tag.

The most popular antivirus solution

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is the most widespread antivirus in the world. It often tops the charts as it’s both affordable and reliable. This is the leader in the American market. Perfect malware protection and a huge bundle of extras make it very appealing to millions of users worldwide.

The benefits of choosing this program are the low impact on system performance and convenient interface. By purchasing the license, users get tons of extra like:

  • An unlimited VPN;
  • A Wi-Fi network scanner;
  • A safe browser;
  • A password manager;
  • A file shredder, etc.

Great value for the money

Another antivirus that is often at the top of antivirus charts is Norton 360 Deluxe. This is the most luxurious plan from the provider that contains all possible extras. What’s more, users get an unlimited VPN. Norton’s VPN is the best in the world. It has a strict no-log policy, guarantees anonymity online, and unblocks such streaming services as Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Norton 360 Deluxe offers both malware protection and other security tools. The latter adds a password manager, parental control features, and other utilities to the package. This bundle offers up to 50 GB of encrypted cloud space for storage and backup. The edition may also have LifeLock identity protection for an additional payment of $50.

The only disadvantage some users won’t like is the slow scans. In case it doesn’t bother you, Norton may become your best antivirus solution.

One of the oldest antivirus solutions in the chart

McAfee has been around for decades. Its Internet Security bundle is a suitable choice for users who need to cover multiple devices. One license can cover up to 10 gadgets securing all the household devices simultaneously.  The software offers great malware detection and protection. You can find the proof in the results of the independent testing labs. They examined the antivirus engines and concluded it’s a reliable solution.

Extra features that come with this particular bundle include a password manager. The latter is considered to be the best on the market nowadays. On the other hand, this antivirus solution lacks such features as parental control, safe browser, webcam protection, etc. In case one or more of them are essential for you, pick one of the options discussed earlier. They have more generous bundles and affordable prices.

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